Founded on one
basic principle: be kind.

We strive to maintain a climate of mutual respect and safety among students and staff, which we believe sets the tone for academic achievement. Our staff commits to helping students meet their maximum potential, and to ensure that each student feels welcome, safe, and at home within our community; we strive to create nothing less than an environment that is safe for everyone.

ACPA is defying the odds and narrowing the achievement gap with a racially, economically, and geographically diverse student body. More than half of our population are students of color, one third of our students identify as LGBT, and a majority of the population lives in medium to high poverty. Despite what society has told them should be a barrier in their educational attainment, ACPA students are excelling and achieving. ACPA consistently out performs its public school counterparts.

If you would like to know more about the VOICE program, download our media kit.

“After being emotionally knocked down by people I’ve known since preschool, I hated school. Now I walk in every morning with smiles from kind students and thoughtful teachers. ACPA gives me the best education and happiness.”

— Sophia