Using your VOICE:
Empowering a Positive Climate.

VOICE is a program of The Arts & College Preparatory Academy (ACPA), a Charter High School located in Central Ohio. This program is funded by a US Department of Education Dissemination Grant with the purpose to document and share the educational model in which our school operates.

The VOICE program website will be a place for educators, administrators and school board members to use for access to resources and information regarding our model and the impact that it is having on our students. The best practices and techniques that ACPA staff use to create an inclusive and high performing environment can be implemented in any school to help overcome bullying, marginalization of diverse groups of students, and maintain a more positive and safe environment.

Developed with our Core Values.


Our students represent the truth through their voices & actions.


We believe in creating a safe environment for all students.


We celebrate and encourage
artistic expression & innovation.


Our academic programs demand commitment from our students.